Pictured with President Tom Tallman, Graham and Mary Jo Cliff, of Honesdale, PA, were the winners of the Soaps & Candles Basket donated by WeJo (Wendy Johannes)

The Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association participated with the Greater Honesdale Partnership at the annual Harvest & Heritage Days held on Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th 2018 in Downtown Honesdale.  A profit of $371 was realized as follows:

Donations $42

Sales $66

Basket Raffle  $133

Kayak Raffle $130 

Special thanks are extended to Linda Vonson, Rose Caranchi, Kelly Heath, Tom Tallman, Linda Tallman, and Vada Killam for volunteering their time to make our presence known in the community and to raise money for our dam project.  

Pictured with President Tom Tallman, Julia Krobel, of Honesdale, PA, was the winner of $50 cash donated by Kelly Heath

Pictured with President Tom Tallman, Vada Killam, of Honesdale, PA, was the winner of the Goodie Basket donated by The Dime Bank



Pictured with President Tom Tallman, Kolby Kromko, of Waymart, PA, was the winner of the Fishing Basket donated by John & Laurie Mulligan

The Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association held a Chicken BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday, July 15, 2018.  Sunny weather, good food, and volunteers truly helped to make this event a huge success.  Special thanks to Gary Racht, Jr. (member), who very generously donated 300 chicken halves, Mark & Ellen Wertman, (members), who  generously donated and prepared the sides that accompanied the chicken dinners, Will Hazimof  (member), who donated water and soda, and to Top Notch Distributors (the Jergensen family) and Rob Grimm, who graciously provided the use of their parking lots on 4th Street in Honesdale for our pick-up location.  Additional volunteers at the event included Tom and Linda Tallman (members), Chris Evans (member), Kelly Heath (member), Sonia Kramer, Chris Scholl, and Deanna Goodenough.  Thank you to all who prepared food, volunteered their time, purchased tickets, and supported us the day of our event, either by cash sales and/or donations.  The pride of Lake Cadjaw will continue to help us achieve our goals.

Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association did not have a presence at the Honesdale for the Holidays event held November 24-25, 2018 in Downtown Honesdale due to lack  of members/volunteers to help.  However, the winners of the donated items for 2018 were chosen and are pictured below.  Special thanks to all who volunteered and supported us during the 2018 Downtown Honesdale events

Pictured with President Tom Tallman, Jeff & Sue Hiller, of Honesdale, PA, were the winners of a Movie Basket donated by Tom & Linda Tallman

 Lake Cadjaw ~ Honesdale, PA


The drawing for the kayak fundraiser was held on June 2, 2018.  Pictured below is Tom Tallman with Konnor, a resident at the Lake, who selected the winner, Willie Reinfurt, of Honesdale, PA.  When President Tallman notified Willie, he said "Well, that's good news; it's my lucky day!".  Willie is a member in good standing of the Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association and is pictured below with LCWA President, Tom Tallman.

The Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association conducted a Fall Pig Roast Fundraiser on Sunday, October 14, 2018.  Pickup was from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM at 100 4th Street, Honesdale, PA.  The dinner consisted of pork, a roll, two (2) sides, pickles, and dessert for a cost of $12.  All funds raised go directly toward the costs associated with saving the lake, its wildlife, and repairing the dam to DEP standards.  Special thanks are extended to the following:  Top Notch Distributors for allowing use of its parking lot for distribution of the dinners; an anonymous donor who raised two (2) pigs and roasted them the day before the event; Richard Bourne, who helped with the pig roasting; Dan, Sr. and Pat Guinther, for  donating the take-out containers; Ellen Wertman, who prepared the sides;  Cora Jones (Cora's Bistro), who donated the condiments; and Tom & Linda Tallman for donating the dessert.  In addition, thank you to the following people who were there to help with the distribution:  Tom & Linda Tallman, Kadin & Vada Killam, Mark & Ellen Wertman, Kelly Heath, Christine Evans, Sheila Vaswani, Kathy Drexel, and Deanna Goodenough.  With the generous support from our community, 250+ tickets were sold, which generated over $3,000 to help our cause.  Please enjoy pictures of our day.

The Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association participated in the 2018 Steampunk Sidewalk Sales in Downtown Honesdale on Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22, 2018.  Sunny, warm weather brought many people out to the festivities on Main Street sponsored by the Greater Honesdale Partnership along with a little rain that put a damper on Sunday's participation.  The following items were available for raffle:  2018 Old Town Vapor Kayak, generously discounted by Seaman's Marine, Inc., and four baskets as follows:  A goodie basket donated by The Dime Bank, a fishing basket donated by John and Laurie Mulligan, a movie basket donated by Tom and Linda Tallman, a soaps and candles basket donated by Wendy Johannes/WeJo, and $50 cash donated by Kelly Heath.  Hats donated by Frank, Lake T-shirts, bags and cozies were available for sale.  A total of $856 was raised (Sales:  $362; Kayak Raffle $210; Baskets Raffle $217; and Donations $67), the proceeds of which will go toward our goal to fix the dam. Thanks are extended to the following people that donated their time and efforts to help make this presence a success:  Linda Vonson, Nina Granville, Tom & Linda Tallman, Mike and Christine Evans, and Kelly Heath.   Hope you enjoy some of our photos of our day!