Lake Cadjaw ~ Honesdale, PA


Call to Order: The meeting of the Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association, held at the Cherry Ridge Municipal Building, was called to order by President Tom Tallman at 10:10 AM and commenced with a recital of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Kelly Heath, Secretary, noted the following were present: President Tom Tallman; Vice President Ellen Wertman; Secretary Kelly Heath; Treasurer Linda Tallman.  In addition to the Officers, the following members were in attendance:  Mark Wertman, Ray Scholl, Judy Menago, and Jon and Janet Hessling.

Submission and Approval of Minutes: Secretary Heath read the minutes from the last meeting which were approved on motion by Mark Wertman, seconded by Tom Tallman and carried.

Submission and Approval of Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Tallman read the current Treasurer’s report for the period September 13, 2015 through May 22, 2016.  Cash on hand in the amount of $32,541.97 was reported.  A motion to approve the Treasurer’s was made by Judy Menago seconded by Ray Scholl and carried.

Old Business:  Kayak Raffle will be held June 4, 2016.
Reminder/request that dues be paid promptly by members.
Dam Status remains the same. Inspection is up to date and dam is in good standing.
Boring Holes when needed are estimated at a cost of $15,000.
LCWA is researching other engineering agencies, specifically those with experience designing dams, for estimates as we move forward. This is standard practice in obtaining our ultimate goal. 

New Business:  At this time, Ellen Wertman inquired as to the possibility and benefit of offering the Lake as a “dry hydrant” for the fire department as there are no fire hydrants in the area.
Kelly Heath proposed that endowment funds be sought through specific water conservation interests.
Members were reminded that new fundraising ideas are welcome and encouraged.
Jon Hessling addressed the trailer court located on the Lake and a recent misunderstanding as to the extent of property lines at the Lake’s edge. Land that was once covered by Lake is the property of the Lake Cadjaw Watershed Association. Tom Tallman addressed this immediately upon its report to LCWA (via our Facebook page) with the aid of a property map and no further action is planned as of this meeting.
Enforcement of authorized Lake use: The issue of private property was carried to the use of the Lake by non-residents. There have been at least two inquiries on the LCWA Facebook Page as to the privacy of the Lake. We are a private Lake for use by residents with Lake rights. All others will be subject to membership costs of $100.00 for the privilege to use the Lake. Tentative procedure for payment and access was discussed. Dashboard permits will likely be issued to those who choose to become nonresidential members for Lake use. These members would park and access the Lake in designated areas. Guests of residents were also discussed and as we move forward we will require that the guests be able to provide adequate information as to their host resident. Simply knowing someone’s name is not considered adequate and access to the resident would be preferred. Lake access should be restricted to residents and the use of “Private Property” signs around the Lake will be pursued as needed if access is being abused by individuals who are not authorized to use the lake.  At this time, it was noted that restrictions placed on the Lake in this way are solely to protect the interests of the residents who are collectively working toward the goal of restoring the dam. It is not fair to residents who pay dues and have lake rights for unauthorized persons to access the Lake and potentially remove fish at no cost. Our goal is to raise money to repair the dam and restore the Lake. It is a community group effort and continuing to allow nonresidents to use it free of charge is not in the best interest of our community.

There was a question as to the ownership of a boat left at the bulkhead and if it belongs to a resident or if it constitutes trespassing.

Dues: In addition to our regular reminder to remit dues ($100.00/household) the subject of residents who cannot afford dues was raised. Consideration of how we might approach this is ongoing.

Web Site: It became necessary to develop a new site due to conflicts of interest last year. Tom and Linda Tallman have donated funds to establish our new Web site at a cost of $406.12/5yrs. The URL is  Please share this information.

Fundraising Donations:  Thanks to all who donated baskets/prizes for recent fund raisers:
Fishing Basket donated by John and Laurie Mulligan
Gardening Basket donated by Will and Danielle Hazimof
Hummingbird Basket donated by The Dime Bank
Burlap Wreath and Crafted Signs with Candles donated by
NEPA Country Girls Creations (Wendy Johannes and Tess Hoffman)

Upcoming Events: We need volunteers and donations for the following events:
Summer Fishing Tournament - Saturday June 18, 2016 from 8AM until 3PM.  Donations of food or prizes are needed in addition to volunteers to work the event.
Homemade and Homegrown Sidewalk Sales, July 22 and 23, 2016 Downtown Honesdale Friday, 9AM - 6PM and Saturday, 9AM - 5PM.
10% Tuesday at Tick Tock’s Restaurant, August 9, 2016. Ten percent of all food proceeds will be donated to LCWA.
Harvest and Heritage Days, October 8 and 9, 2016 Downtown Honesdale.
Honesdale for the Holidays, November 26, 2016

A children’s fishing tournament was also suggested and is being considered.

Meeting Schedule:  Determination of remaining meetings for 2016 was discussed. Our next meeting date announcement will be posted on our Web site and Facebook Pages.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted:

Kelly A. Heath


Call to Order: President Tom Tallman called the meeting to order at 10:09AM. The meeting commenced with the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance.

At this time a note from the family of our recently deceased member, Kenneth Skinner, was read expressing gratitude for the donation made by LCWA to the Grace Episcopal Church Organ Fund in Mr. Skinner's memory.

Roll call was taken by Secretary Kelly Heath and the following members were noted as present:

Officers: Thomas Tallman, President; Ellen Wertman, Vice President; William Hazimof, Vice President; Kelly Heath, Secretary, and Linda Tallman, Treasurer. Members: Judy Menago and Danielle Hazimof.

A summary of the May 22, 2016 meeting minutes were read by Secretary Heath. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Judy Menago, seconded by Linda Tallman and carried.

The Treasurer’s Report covering the period between May 22, 2016 and September 11, 2016 was read by Treasurer Tallman noting that total cash on hand stands at $36,385.25. A motion to approve the Report was made by Vice President Wertman, seconded by Vice President Hazimof and carried.

Old Business: Dam status was noted. The engineer wants to do five bore holes, then it was seven and it continues to escalate and so does the price. President Tallman told the engineer to let him know where the locations are that need to be done and Tom would in turn secure a bid from another company that does hole borings so that the price would be competitive. The engineer said that he would provide the information at no cost. The bore holes are required to verify the soil components of the earthen dam. LCWA will consult the DEP to establish this as a necessity. Engineers obtained samples in the past but were inadequate for our purpose. The ultimate project will almost certainly require new material in terms of acquiring permits.

More estimates for bore holes will be pursued and Vice President Wertman will seek out personal connections in order to perhaps obtain the lowest cost estimates.

New Business: Fundraising efforts, while productive, are insufficient in obtaining our current goal in a timely manner.

Dam repair cost estimate remains in the neighborhood of $600,000.00. In previous years, the price was $400,000 but the price has escalated by approximately $200,000 and will continue to rise until we bite the bullet and do the dam repair. At this time, the idea of building a new structure somewhere around the area just north of the narrowing that joins the two wider portions of the lake was considered. Hypothetically, this process would create two independent lakes and allow a possible rise of the southern lake’s water level by two feet.

LCWA will pursue procurement of signs that say "Members Only" to be posted at various access points around the lake.

The prospect of selling land owned by LCWA to residents was once again discussed. This measure is considered as a means to raise funds in a timely manner to complete the construction of the new dam. If LCWA goes forward with this, the land that extends from an area around the current high water mark to the residents’ lakefront property edges (land that abuts current LCWA property) will be offered for sale to owners of that lakefront property holding LCWA membership. Should residents decline this offer, it would be offered to resident members owning adjacent property. Membership would be mandatory for this purchase and, if possible, would be added as a stipulation in the sale. It should be noted that this is speculation at this time and no decision to move forward has yet been made. Informal discussion with lake residents indicates that this action would be largely favorable. In moving forward, we would advertise the intent to sell, assess all feedback, draft a letter outlining the process by which sales would occur, and then conduct a special meeting with all interested parties.

Membership dues remain unsatisfactory and measures to increase incentive were also considered. Fairness comes into question and measures to restrict lake access were discussed.

It is understood by LCWA that some members may be experiencing financial hardship and payment of dues is difficult. Attempting to establish a policy on this topic presents LCWA with issues that are beyond the scope of the Board and we ask that if residents feel that the $100.00 yearly dues payment would cause additional financial hardship or is not fiscally possible, that they speak with LCWA President Tallman.

On August 9th, local restaurant, Tick Tocks, donated $105.00, which was a percentage of food proceeds for that day, to LCWA. Sincerest thanks were extended to Bonny Stinnard and the staff at Tick Tocks for their thoughtfulness and generosity by including LCWA in their fundraising program.

Autumn Events: Please contact the LCWA to volunteer for any events, as we always need the help.

On October 8th and 9th LCWA will have a booth on Main Street in Honesdale for Harvest and Heritage Days and on November 26th we will again have a booth in downtown Honesdale for Honesdale for the Holidays.

Annual Ice Fishing Tournament: Date will be determined before the February event. This is because the ice must be deemed safe before scheduling. Donations of food, time and prizes are welcome. Further details will be posted on the LCWA website as they become available.

2017 Meeting Schedule: Our Spring Meeting will be announced at a later date and posted online at and on our Facebook page, Cadjaw Community.

President Tallman adjourned the meeting at 11:10AM

Respectfully submitted:

Kelly A. Heath