MEETING MINUTES  June 23, 2012

The LCWA meeting was called to order by President, Linda Suhosky, on June 23, 2012 at 9 am. The minutes of the September 24, 2011 meeting were read by Gayle Praitano and approved. Treasurer, Joanne Jennerich gave the financial report, which was accepted.

Subjects discussed:

LETTER – A letter from the LCWA will be sent this week to the Cherry Ridge Township Supervisors regarding the advanced deteriorating structures on the west side of the Lake.

GRANTS – The Department of Community and Economic Development Grant as well as the Villuame Grant will be submitted again for reconsideration.

TREATMENT OF LAKE – Chemical treatment of the Lake as been postponed until Aqua PA certifies that the Lake is not a public water supply.

LIABILITY INSURANCE – The insurance for the Board Members has been paid and renewed for this year.

DAM INSPECTION – Regular maintenance of the dam has been inspected and approved by The Department of Environmental Protection.

APPLICATION OF DAM PERMIT – Application for permit has been sent to DEP· Report by Joe Durkin

LCWA Requirements:

Relocate the sewer line on the backside of the dam prior to required grading.

Construction of a concrete wall on the backside of the dam to improve the spillway and prevent erosion.

Emergency spillway to be widened to 7ft. and lowered 11/2 ft.

Necessary easement on two private properties adjacent to the backside of the dam to be resolved.

All improvements to be completed by 2016.

A $70,000.00 bond is required by DEP to cover any futures expenses they may incur if the LCWA fails to maintain the dam.

The roughly estimated cost for improvements to the dam, legal fees and bond is $230,000.00.  Joe Durkin’s response to doing improvements to the front side of the dam as apposed to the backside to avoid easement problems and expenses was that, “it is something we can consider."

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 am.

We are still in need of a Secretary.  Anyone interested, please come forward.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Carol Hark

   Lake Cadjaw ~ Honesdale, PA